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Korean Peasants Sow the Seeds of Nation’s Food Sovereignty
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Korean Peasants Sow the Seeds of Nation’s Food Sovereignty

By Taryn Assaf “Korea is Samsung, and Samsung is Korea”. This phrase is commonly heard and almost religiously believed by much of South Korea’s urban population. Much of what outsiders know about South Korea is Samsung, and taken from a purely economic perspective, that’s not so hard to believe: the top 30 Korean corporations make … Continue reading


Learning to Live with Purpose

A few months ago the ISC met in Seoul to learn about reunification. We met with reunification activist and former political prisoner, Kwon Nak Gi. At the age of 26, he was imprisoned for breaking the National Security Law in Korea. He spent 18 years of his life in jail, from 1972 to 1989. Trying to relate to a man whose world differed so much from my own was difficult. It raised important questions and forced me to reflect on how I have been living my life thus far. Continue reading

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Struggle and Camaraderie : Survival as a Korean Long-term Political Prisoner

At 25, Kwon Nak-gi and his family went to prison for violating the National Security Law with their pro-reunification activities. During his time in prison, 1972-1990, Kwon’s major challenges were enduring the beatings, torture, and solitary confinement that placed pressure on him to betray his political beliefs and comrades. Continue reading

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Unbroken: Kwon Nak-gi, Long Term Political Prisoner of Conscience

“There is that which forms in our rational self, from our knowledge, which we plan and then try to execute, and there is that which forms within our hearts and releases our unresolved feelings, our Han. The goal which resides in my rational self and in my heart, are one and the same: reunification.” Continue reading

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Policing the Student Body: Sookmyung Women’s University students told to cover up

Originally posted on The Grand Narrative:
(Source: TVChosun) Watching a news report about the controversial new dress code for last week’s festival at Sookmyung Women’s University, I was surprised to hear that it was the student union that was responsible, and aghast to learn that it was under the assumption that wearing revealing clothes leads…